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Women: Herstory (Pt.2)

Continuing with the theme of Women's History Month, I am excited to introduce our next amazing woman in our Herstory Series! Meet Yuslendy Suriel! Yuslendy is an entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Pink & Pretty Hair & Madison Lashes. Yuslendy is the founder of Pink & Pretty Organization, an organization involved in several community events including breast cancer awareness and many others. She is also a speaker; her areas of expertise are branding and marketing. In 2017, Yuslendy started a series production called The Girl with the Suitcase, a story about her life and beginning in the entrepreneur world. Below is the interview with Yuslendy, where are she shares some of her inspirations, advice and empowerment tips:

Yuslendy Suriel

How do you empower other women using your platform?

Empowering other women is so important! I believe that mentoring plays a huge part of empowerment. Some women may feel not too confident or may feel loss. When I started my business Pink & Pretty Hair I had no direction. I felt loss and honestly it was a lonely road until I met my mentor. My mentor gave me clarity, a sense of hope, and definitely a boost of confidence. Everyone should have that one person in their corner. I try to mentor as many women as I can. Making sure that they know they are worthy and that their dreams matter! I want every woman to know that if you work hard and stay consistent your DREAMS will come true. Doesn’t matter if it takes a life time. “Great things take time”!

What advice would you give your younger self?

So many things that I will say to my younger self. I grew up living with both parents and it was definitely a struggle. My mom and dad tried to do their best to provide! As I became older my confidence suffered and I became a very insecure child. I couldn’t have the nice things like everyone in school so I was bullied in my early years. I will tell my younger self; GIRL, you are one beautiful young girl that will be someone in life. I hated what I saw in the mirror at a young age! My insecurities took over and I wish I didn’t let my insecurities stop me from doing so many things back then. I would of probably accomplish so much more!

Who/ what inspires you?

So many things inspire me! Art, different entrepreneurs following their dreams, my family, myself, and the struggles that I have to have overcome over the years.

How do you overcome adversity/ challenges?

Challenges are difficult to overcome at times especially when you are feeling insecure. I overcome challenges by praying. Leaving my worries to GOD because in life everything is a test. Every test has purpose in your life. You might not understand everything that is going on right now but you will later on. If there are no struggles/challenges in your life, then you really don’t have a story to tell! Embrace those challenges and trust the journey. Trust GOD!

What is your definition of a girl boss?

A girl boss is someone who knows what she wants, someone who is determined, someone who will not take NO for an answer, someone who is working a full time job but goes home and work on her dreams every single day, someone who will not give up easily, she knows her worth, she is simply being the boss of her own life, she is creating the life she wants!

Female empowerment is:

Empowering girls and women is powerful! Just imagine if all women would come together and achieve all of their goals and dreams together. That is a powerful force. It’s all about inspiring one another and being there for each other. When women can come together and make a difference together, when women gain power and control over their own lives. Women empowerment is coming together and influencing your other SISTERS, building self-confidence, awareness raising, providing important resources that can benefit one another! When women succeed together, it’s beautiful to see. “Empowering women is key to building a future we want” So many women are becoming entrepreneurs, world leaders, scholars, experts, the list goes on and on. Women are powerful, having our voices heard is powerful, but coming together and doing these wonderful things together is even more POWERFUL!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a business? Pursue their passion?

My advice to someone starting a business is to take your time. Do not rush your success. You want your brand/business to be a reflection of you, make sure you are researching. Research is such an important factor when starting a business. Know your market, know your products, know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Stay consistent and motivated because trust me things will get hard. Don’t give up on your dreams! Ever! Just make sure that you are enjoying the journey. Be great!

What quote speaks to you?

My favorite quote is “Great things take Time” I live by this quote. So many times I have been wanting to give up due to timing. When is your time to shine then it’s your time. Trust the process and just know your time is coming soon. Keep working hard, continue to be a big dreamer! Your dreams will come true in due time.

How is your work/life balance?

I really need to work on work/life balance. I am a workaholic. Almost a perfectionist. I work many hours on my business because I am trying to perfect my craft and overall I want to be a better entrepreneur. I do go out occasionally with friends and family; This is an area that I need to personally work on. I am a firm believer that everyone should enjoy themselves outside of work. Life is all about new adventures and exploring new exciting things.

Self-care, what is your favorite form?

Shopping! (LOL) Besides, shopping I really just like to take some time and just reflect. A nice quiet space, candles lit, refreshing facial, treat myself to my favorite food, and just have some ME time. I barely have some “ME” time so when I do I really try to take advantage and just spend time with myself.

You can find Yuslendy over at:





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