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In honor of March's Women's History Month, we are excited to do a weekly series sharing some of the women in CT that are doing amazing things! Starting off the series is Karen Thomas, CT Etiquette Expert. Karen is an educator, speaker, author & trainer. Karen works with businesses to create respectful and cooperative work environments. She also contributes and assists in many other different ways. Karen also lectures at colleges and universities. Lastly, you can catch her on local tv shows or Star 99.9 sharing some of her knowledge and wisdom. Below is the interview with Karen, where she shares some of her inspirations, advice and empowerment tips:

Karen Thomas

How do you empower other women using your platform?

I empower other women by offering workshops that increase their confidence, marketing capabilities and social skills, allowing them to grow personally, socially and financially.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Take a chance, make a change and network, network, network.

Who/ what inspires you?

My grandmother Carmella was and still is my biggest inspiration to do well, be well and give back. She was accepting of me for who I was every given day. She loved me, nurtured me and encouraged me to do my best in every situation life had to offer. She never spoke an unkind word and always had a smile, even in the very end when her health was failing. She provided me a safe haven, love and balance I never received from anyone else. I will continue to make her proud by giving back to my community, persevering as an entrepreneur and loving my family.

How do you overcome adversity/ challenges?

I try to look at the positive side of every pitfall. Assessing the value put forth in the challenge and utilizing resources within my reach are what allows me to persevere in most situations. Realizing that putting things in perspective and a positive light is much more productive than wallowing in adversity.

What is your definition of a girl boss?

I define a girl boss as someone who is confident, poised and gracious.

Female empowerment is....

Female empowerment is what I teach daily. Providing students and young adults the tools to succeed, believe in themselves and lead are important components of life. Everyone should have access to these types of role models in society.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a business? Pursue their passion?

Research, network and learn – EVERYDAY.

What quote speaks to you?

Professional business savvy is no longer a luxury, It’s a necessity”

How is your work/life balance?

I love my work life balance because I have a great partner who supports, assists and cheers me on every day. I am blessed to have this type of support. In my career, I am able to schedule business suitable to my schedule, allowing for family time, school events and family entertainment. My husband and children assist in my tv and radio appearances which allows us time together and time for them to learn and experience new things.

Self-care, what is you favorite form?

It is important for me to enjoy a nap and prayerful meditation every day. This provides me the time to rejoice in my blessings, speak with God and nourish my body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can find Karen at:

Website: https://www.ctetiquette.com/home.html

Email: ctetiquette@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ctetiquette/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ctetiquette

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