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Your Beauty

As I walked through Target, something caught my eye, this adorable cute bag sharing such a great message! Be Your Beautiful What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that you look to others for validation on your beautiful? Or maybe search in unrealistic places for your beauty? My interpretation, your beauty is not everyone else's beauty, so even if you do not look like someone else, act like someone else, dress like someone else, does not mean that you are NOT beautiful, it means that you are unique, different in a good way, and creating you Beauty! So bring it on! As the year begins, set your own standards on YOUR Beauty, because ultimately, you only have to answer yourself on your BEAUTY!

Set your standards, raise the bar, be yourself!

#beauty #newyear #selfconfidence #selflove #selfesteem #women #connecticut #CT #newhaven #blogger #blogging #Target

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