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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I looked in my purse today and saw a mirror that my mom had given me, it was then that I realized that I really had given up the obsession with looking in mirrors that I had once had. Many years ago, I would look into any and all mirrors I can find in a day to make sure that I look "alright" and that everything was intact, but as the years have gone by, I have definitely let go of needing that re-assurance of making sure that I look into a mirror ALL the time. I am not saying that I do not look in the mirror in the morning while I am doing my hair or whenever I do decide to do my makeup, but it is not a need nor a necessity, its there as an assistance for making sure that I don't burn my hair off (when I am flat iron it) or making sure that I didn't smudge mascara all over my eyelid. I work in a middle school where none of the kids bathrooms have mirrors and the students constantly ask why, and I honestly did not know why, until I asked our principal, and she shared that the first thing she did when she became principal was to remove all mirrors from the students bathrooms, so the girls (and boys) would not be spending time in the bathroom concerned about how they looked instead of being in class learning (makes sense!). I will share another perspective on mirrors, some individuals may not own mirrors or dislike looking into mirrors because of the imperfections that may be reflected from them. Mirrors reflect our beauties and maybe some of our imperfections.... at the same time you cannot be afraid of what you may see on the other side. You are always a work in progress (inside and out). Once you are able to be comfortable and see all of yourself, then you can be comfortable with looking at yourself in that mirror, so do not be afraid! Mirrors can be good and bad, they can tell us a lot about ourselves and maybe give us some insights that we didn't even know that we needed! See how feel about mirrors and find a balance between you and your mirror.

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