This week has been an interesting week. We have so much lined up for Beauty is You! We had another great photoshoot with one of our models, we are in the works on launching a little surprise to encourage all the Beautiful Women, we have had several meetings about our fall workshop schedule and new promotional material. We cannot wait to share everything that we have coming up! As the week progress, something continued to stand out to me, compliments. I visited a lot of different places, offices, coffee shops, and I kept seeing women, women who seemed not necessarily happy, but not necessarily sad, I couldn't help but think what can make them be more happy? Then I also realized something else, that throughout the week many women gave me compliments, compliments about my shoes, bag, lipstick, clothes, smile etc. and I realized that for all the women giving me compliments, they actually looked happy, happy in the moment. So what is the difference between the women who I observed and the women who gave me compliments? COMPLIMENTS Giving someone a compliment is uplifting and releases a positive energy in the air. It gives permission for others to do the same and to feel a freedom of expression and impression towards others. I often observed beauty everywhere, but often tend not to speak it out loud. After this past week, I have chosen to be more vocal and share more compliments with everyone.

If I were you, I would try it out! Give a COMPLIMENT and see how not only, the other person emotional expression changes, but also how you feel afterwards.

#goals #women #selfesteem #selflove #selfconfidence #empower #compliments

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