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How much of our day-to-day struggles come from what we see or hear? Our insecurities are built and survive within us because of indiviudals or should we say industries that rely on us wanting to have bigger eyes, smaller nose, bigger lips, thinner hips, longer legs, bigger boobs etc. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to make our cheeks rosier, or our lips brighter and plumper, there is something wrong with others creating insecurities and building on what we believe to be our flaws. When someone makes it there business to point out that you do not have the PERFECT body, face, wardrobe, they are no longer trying to advertise or sell something, they are purposefully feeding your inner thoughts and creating a bigger problem that we are able to recognize with our naked eye and our open hearts. So, how do we as women stand up to the media, the industries that profit on our lack of confidence? Well we start by learning how to love our flaws, embrace what we want to change, and change, if and only, its for our own selves and not because someone else does not feel or see us as the right shape/size or the right beautiful! We have such a long way to go, but it has become clear that there is a need for women to stand up and find their INNER BEAUTY, this may not happen today, tomorrow, or overnight, but it is a work in progress that we can all work together, and empower one another to achieve!

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