What is failure? Is failure what happens when we have not reached out goal? Is it defeat, is it loosing? aHave we failed if we haven’t accomplished what we set out to do, or should this be a “bump” on the road? How many of these “bumps” must we encounter during our journey in life? Do we see these failures as something that define us? Maybe we have these idealistic, unrealistic ways of measuring ourselves because our society has taught us to be this way. Society tells us that everytime we do not achieve something or have not gained something, we are FAILURES, we are UNSUCCESSFUL, or maybe its our own judgement that make us arrive to this conclusion. Whichever way we may see failure, we should realize that this may possibly be another test in our lives. We build our confidence, our self-esteem based on what we have seen and learned in life. We are stronger because of these “bumps” and most importantly, we are EMPOWERED by them to be the best we ought to be! Believe in yourself, be motivated by your setbacks and be an example of what it is to go after what you want. You are your only opponent, its time to PROVE yourself wrong!

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