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Those in Our Lives


Everyone in our lives serves a purpose. The purpose may be to help you in a time of need, maybe it is to guide you to a new place in your life, or maybe they come in to play devil's advocate and make things a little bit more complicated for you. Although, we do not have control over who comes into our lives, we do have control over how we interact with them and how we react towards them. Often we let others have too much control over our feelings/emotions and how we respond to them; at times this may be bring in positivity, but other times it can lead to a more negative “ora” in our lives. We have to learn how to be able to separate our feelings from a situation and take space to analyze the situation from an outside perspective. We often spend too much time searching for answers and overanalyzing the emotional aspect of the situation as to why something is happening or why something is not. So, what can we do to ease into these unexpected life visitors? Maybe we should focus more on realizing that the people that come into our lives may just be a temporary arrangement, a bump on the road, or maybe a long lasting fulfillment in your life. Whatever the purpose may be, just remember to appreciate it, its part of your journey.

TODAY: Look at those in your lives, analyze their importance in your life and if they are hurting more than helping, make sure that you do not spend as much time on them as you would with those who are contributing to you being a better person.

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