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Samary Polnett


Beauty is You was created by me! My name is Samary, I am a wife, mom,  Psychotherapist, and Coach.  My idea behind Beauty is You came from my years as a School Counselor.  I would meet with some of my students  and time after time, I would hear how unhappy middle school girls were with their bodies, their looks, and how they felt about themselves. Beauty is You was created to help with this need! We want to help girls (and women!) feel more confident, empowered, and provide them with the tools that they can use in different areas in their lives.


In my journey to create Beauty is You, I also realize that this issue is not only amongst middle school girls but amongst women of all ages! With Beauty is You, I want to promote self-love, acceptance, and confidence to women of ALL ages. I want to create awareness to this real issue that many young girls and young women have, the issue of low self-esteem/body image, and the idea that they have no "realistic" role models.   Beauty is You celebrates young women's beauty, inside and out, and is an advocate of self-love! We want to empower women of all ages to celebrate themselves and who they are.


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Solmarie Santiago

Vice President

Qaiyima T. Lett was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on December 31, 1994. She received her high school diploma at Metropolitan Business Academy in 2013.


Qaiyima is a board member of Beauty is You since 2017. She is now working part time while running a small business.



Qaiyima Lett

Qiaiyima Lett





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Qiaiyima Lett 


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