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GirlFest 2016 was AMAZING! It was filled with FUN activities, door prizes, group talks, lunch and overall bonding experience like no other! 

Meet Our Guest Facilitator!

Shakia O. Seabrook is the founder of Bare.Bold&Beautiful, a movement focused on self-acceptance, body perception and empowerment. She started her professional career in Social

Work but soon realized that Social Work is not meant to fit into a box. A change was needed

and she stepped forth as the change agent. Through the formation of Bare.Bold & Beautiful she

found a way to incorporate all that she loves to do: motivational speaking, uplifting others and

traveling, into what she feels is her own version of Social Work.

Working with girls and women within various capacities for the past 5 years has confirmed the

much needed dialogue that is necessary around self-acceptance. Currently working as a

Domestic Violence Advocate, Shakia balances her time presenting her Talk About IT

workshops, public speaking, as well as hosting community events for girls and women. Through

the workshops and events she creates a safe space for that needed dialogue. Shakia has formally

shared her message with nearly 2,000 girls and women through her workshops and community

events. Informally she has reached thousands more.

Shakia, a Connecticut native, lives in Danielson, CT. Outside of her work with

Bare. Bold & Beautiful, Shakia maintains her interest in community service through volunteer

activities and is an active member of her local church. She earned her bachelor’s degree of Social

Work from Elizabeth City State University and a master’s degree of Social work from Fordham


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