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2015 Models


This year Beauty is You has chosen Influential Women in the community to represent the mission of B.I.Y.   We are so excited to share with you our six models! We will introduce 1 model per week! We will be sharing their bios and why they were chosen to be part of this year's photoshoot!

MODEL:  Wendy


BIO: Wendy Vila is the founder of Jovenes Unidos Inc. and owner of Wrapped in Glam. Wendy was also formerly an executive producer and host of a musical TV Show for Telemundo NY and is currently working on launching her own fashion line. Her involvement with the community includes, mentoring the youth on the importance of volunteering and bullying prevention awareness. Wendy Vila is your reigning Ms. Belleza Latina International 2015.


Wendy has dedicated herself to being an active member of the community and empowers young girls and women to also be active in the community.  She is a role model to women of all ages and this is why Wendy is part of our 2015 Influential Women Photoshoot.


You can follow Wendy on


MODEL:  Chardonee'




Chardonee' Wright- 26 years old - is the CEO and Founder of Woman, I AM Incorporated - multi faceted, developmental organization geared towards empowering women to make healthy decisions for their life.  She is currently pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Global Affairs, concentrating in Humanitarian Assistance and International Development, with a gender specialization in women's issues at New York University.  Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalisim from Southern Connecticut State University.  


Chardonee’ is also an author, poet and blogger – with her first book entitled, “Woman, I Am Devotional - A Woman’s Guide to Recognizing Identity and Fulfilling Purpose” released April 2014.  In the future, Chardonee’ desires to own multiple businesses promoting economic development and to work for the United Nations- Women Department as a bilingual advocate for human rights and women’s empowerment. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.  She credits everything she does for the glory of God and the building up of His kingdom.


Chardonee' passion and drive to make a difference and help women in the local comunity as well as national is inspiring. Her dedication to bring a message to our women is unmatched and for this reason, Chardonee'  is part of our 2015 Influential Women Photoshoot.


You can follow Chardonee' on


MODEL:  Sheena


BIO: Sheena Postell was born and raised in Hartford, CT and currently attending Central Connecticut State University.  She is majoring in Social Work with a minor in Sign Language.

Sheena is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated.  "This has been a major stepping stone and an honor to service communities next to women all over the world.  With self-esteem is tough conference, I am able to achieve my goals and try new adventures. With God being the head of my life, I am able to do anything with his strength and grace."


Sheena is an inspiration to women in the community.  She empowers women to follow their dreams and shares her confidence with all of us, and this is why Sheena is part of our 2015 Influential Women Photoshoot.


You can follow Sheena on 


MODEL:  Amanda




In 2011, Amanda went from blogging about sports to something a little more personal, her foreign adoption. Writing about her adoption has become much more meaningful and therapeutic. Through this cathartic writing she made the decision to find out more about her past. Shortly after graduation Amanda decided that summer of 2014 she would travel to Paraguay in search of answers.  After much hard work, researching and recycling, her trip became a reality. She went to Paraguay and met her grandfather and aunt who didn’t even know she existed.  She witnessed extreme poverty and the void in her heart begin to be filled. She found out that her 5 younger siblings and her birth mother were in Argentina.   Flash forward 7 months after her trip to Paraguay she traveled to Buenos Aires to meet her birth mother.  The experience has been overwhelming and fulfilling.  Amanda is currently a Marketing Specialist at Pinpoint full time.  She lives in Wallingford, CT and has one of the most amazing family and friends.  She has also teamed up with her good friend Nina to kick start a candle business called Ascent.  In addition, she sits on two non-profit boards (SCOW and PULSE) and still finds time to mentor and spend time with her little 10 year old buddy.  Her first book has taken longer than anticipated to finish but it is coming along and she does her best to maintain her blog that she is very passionate about.  


Amanda strives to be a Role Model and wants to make a difference in others lives.  She will be running for Board of Ed in Wallingford in the next few months. She is an inspiration to women in her community and all over the world, and this is why she is part of our 2015 Influential Women Photoshoot .


You can follow Amanda on


MODEL: Ericka




Ericka Sluka lives in central Texas.  She is the CEO of Lipstick Chronicles, LLC. Her company has 3 products that are LC Magazine (a digital online magazine), LC Boutique (an online clothing store) and The E.S. Kollection, which is her own private label cosmetics and skincare line. Ericka has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Kaplan University and is currently getting her Master’s of Art in Fashion Merchandising at the University of Art in San Francisco, CA. Her passion is to connect with people globally.  On her free time Ericka loves to spend time and travel with her son and also loves to establish relationships with people.  Her passion is to change the world and create unity and her goal is to do that through her magazine, LC Magazine. 


Because of her passion for reaching women in the community and throughout the world, Ericka is part of our 2015 Influential Women Photoshoot.  


Check her out on 







JoJo Green is a 30 year single woman who works daily to positively influence the community thru her social media.  

Jojo has lost about 100 pounds and has achieved it all in the last couple years.  Life has thrown many different obstacles her way, but she continues to work through them and overcome them.  Jojo believes in positivity, and the universe and in being a genuine good person.   Jojo attributes her positivity to the influence of so many individuals from Instagram and other social medias.  She has learned that trying a little each day, can really get you to where you want to go.  Jojo has learned and wants to share with others "that you, your own little self….are amazing and beautiful, will open all the windows in life…even on the bad days".  


We are truly inspired by Jojo and her passion to help others.  We love how much she loves herself and shares this with others in her life, even those she does not know personally, and because of this, Jojo is part of our 2015 Influential Women Photoshoot.  



Check her out on 


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