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2014 Models


Back in February, Beauty is You recruited models to be part of this AMAZING project and the response was awesome! In April, the Beauty is You Photoshoot took place and 17 BEAUTIFUL women came to show their self-love, positive body image, and empowerment of one another.  The final photos will be shared during our event in July, but for now, here are a few teasers of our GORGEOUS models!

Model: Adly


MUA: Felicia


Stylist: ----


Photographer: Leanne 

Model:  Jess


MUA: Erin (High Beauty) & Mayra


Stylist: Kim (Salon Bordeaux)


Photographer: Leanne 

Model: Melissa


MUA: Felicia


Stylist: Amber


Photographer: KW Photography 

Model: Ida


MUA: Felicia


Stylist: Kimberly (Salon Bordeaux)


Photographer: Leanne 

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